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”Many small people, in small places, doing small things can change the world.”

(African proverb)

Take part and leave your footprint…

Our vision

Everyone on earth has the right to clean water, education and health care. Nolosha Foundation would like to make a lasting contribution to making this right a reality in Africa.

The vision of the Nolosha Foundation is to ensure and promote the health, education and information of children, women and men (drivers of change) who, through their individual and social commitment, ensure a strong Africa, autonomous and independent of tomorrow.

An autonomous and independent Africa capable of recognizing its individual, social and specific challenges and of meeting them through its educated, competent, enterprising and responsible women and men.

Nolosha – Life

Nolosha means “Life” In the African language “Somali”.

Leave footprints…

  • Constructive footprints
  • Footprints of humanity
  • Footprints of humility
  • Footprints of humility
  • Footprints of gratitude

During our life we ​​go through both positive and negative tests and experiences …

We meet people who consciously and unconsciously leave their Footprints on us.

It is up to each of us to leave a Footprints in our own

Nolosha foundation
Nolosha foundation

Our four pillars

Contribution to the well-being and the strengthening of the role of children, women and men who live in contexts that are characterized by a particular vulnerability. Among other things, a targeted procurement of funds should enable the association to realize or achieve the goals set .

Nolosha Foundation works both directly and indirectly, for example through:

  1. Organization and implementation of educational events
  2. Organization and implementation of workshops
  3. Organization and implementation of training
  4. Elaboration of suitable and suitable solution concepts from the knowledge gained together with those affected
  5. Implementation of support projects
  6. Accompaniment of support projects in their life cycle
  7. Mentoring / coaching program
  8. Procurement and transfer of funds to another tax-privileged corporation or a corporation under public law to achieve their tax-privileged purposes

Your donations

''If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.''  (African proverb)

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Water supply

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Health care

Environment and infrastructure